Aluminium Scrap Rate In Ghaziabad – Today Scrap Price Per kg? If you are looking to sell your old aluminium utensils, doors, or other items, it’s essential to know the current aluminium scrap rate in Ghaziabad. As of now, the rate stands at a competitive figure of 150rs per kg. This rate reflects the ongoing demand for aluminium scrap in the region, making it an opportune moment for sellers to capitalize on this trend.

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Why Choose for Your Aluminium Scrap Needs

At, we pride ourselves on being reputable aluminium scrap dealers in Ghaziabad. We offer a straightforward and transparent process for buying aluminium scrap, ensuring that you get the best value for your materials. One of our key features is the use of digital weighing scales, which guarantees accuracy and fairness in every transaction. This technological advantage sets us apart from other dealers and fosters trust and reliability in our services.

Benefits of Selling Aluminium Scrap in Bulk

If you have a substantial amount of aluminium scrap, selling in bulk can be highly advantageous. Bulk aluminium scrap buyers often receive better rates and more favorable terms. At, we cater to bulk sellers by providing competitive prices and prompt service. This approach not only helps you to declutter your space but also allows you to earn a significant return on your scrap materials.

Aluminium Scrap Rate In Ghaziabad – Today Scrap Price Per kg? | Contact Us +91 9711963469 | Follow Us On | | |

How to Sell Your Aluminium Scrap Online

Selling your aluminium scrap has never been easier. With, you can conveniently sell your old aluminium utensils, doors, and other items online. Our website offers a user-friendly platform where you can quickly list your scrap and get in touch with potential buyers. This digital approach saves you time and effort, making the entire process seamless and efficient.


In summary, the aluminium scrap rate in Ghaziabad is currently 150rs per kg, presenting a lucrative opportunity for sellers. By choosing, you benefit from our expertise as leading aluminium scrap dealers in Ghaziabad, our accurate digital weighing scales, and our efficient online platform. For more information and to start selling your aluminium scrap, visit today.