AC Scrap Dealers Near Preet Vihar East Delhi – 110092, Sell Your Old Window Or Split Air Conditioner

Online, Preet Vihar, located in East Delhi – 110092, serves as a hub for numerous AC scrap dealers who

provide essential services for those looking to dispose of their old air conditioning units. This section aims

to give a comprehensive overview of the options available, shedding light on the various dealers in the

area, their market reputation, and the range of services they offer.

The majority of AC scrap dealers in Preet Vihar are well-regarded for their professionalism and reliability.

These dealers offer a range of services that go beyond simply purchasing old AC units. Many provide free

pickup services, ensuring that the process is convenient and hassle-free for customers. Additionally, they

often offer competitive prices based on the condition and type of the air conditioner being sold, be it

window ACs, split ACs, or portable units.

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Reputation is a crucial factor to consider when selecting an AC scrap dealer. Many dealers in Preet Vihar

have built a solid reputation over the years, thanks to their fair dealings and excellent customer service.

Reviews and testimonials from previous customers often highlight their promptness, transparency, and

the ease of transaction, making them a preferred choice for many residents in the area.

For those looking to contact these dealers, one of the easiest ways is via phone. A commonly

recommended contact number for reliable AC scrap dealers in Preet Vihar is +91 9711963469. This

number connects to a network of dealers who can provide detailed information on their services, pricing,

and availability. Ensuring clear communication from the start can help streamline the selling process.

Convenience is a significant advantage when dealing with these local shops. Many dealers in Preet Vihar

are strategically located near residential areas, making it easy for customers to visit or arrange pickups.

They are known for their professional approach, ensuring that customers receive prompt service and fair

valuations for their old AC units.

In summary, Preet Vihar offers a variety of reputable AC scrap dealers who are well-equipped to handle

the needs of customers looking to dispose of their old air conditioners. With competitive pricing,

excellent customer service, and the convenience of nearby shops, residents of East Delhi can be assured

of a smooth and satisfactory selling experience.

Price List for AC Scrap in Preet Vihar

When it comes to disposing of your old air conditioning units, understanding the current market rates for

AC scrap can significantly impact the value you receive. In Preet Vihar, East Delhi, the prices for AC scrap

vary based on factors such as the type of air conditioner (window or split), the material composition

(aluminium or copper), and the unit’s capacity (1 ton, 1.5 ton, or 2 ton). Below is a detailed breakdown of

the prevailing rates for AC scrap in the region.

For a 1-ton aluminium window or split air conditioner, the scrap value is approximately ₹2200 per piece.

In contrast, a 1-ton copper window or split AC fetches a higher price, around ₹3200 per piece. For larger

units, such as a 1.5-ton aluminium air conditioner, the scrap price increases to ₹2800 per piece, while its

copper counterpart can bring in about ₹4000 per piece. For 2-ton units, the rates are even more

competitive: a 2-ton aluminium AC is valued at around ₹3500 per piece, and a 2-ton copper AC can reach

up to ₹5000 per piece.

Selling your old window or split air conditioners online offers several benefits. Not only does it provide

convenience, but it also allows you to reach a broader audience, thereby potentially increasing the price

you can command for your old units. Many online platforms specialize in connecting sellers with

reputable AC scrap dealers, ensuring a hassle-free transaction and secure payment methods. By opting to

sell online, you can save time, avoid the stress of negotiating face-to-face, and ensure you get the best

possible value for your old air conditioners.

Understanding the price dynamics and leveraging online platforms can help you maximize the return on

your old AC units. Whether you are upgrading your cooling system or simply looking to declutter,

knowing the market rates and the benefits of online selling can make the process efficient and profitable.