AC Scrap Buyers In Noida Uttar Pradesh, Do you have an old, used, or second-hand air conditioner that you want to sell as scrap? In Noida NCR, many AC scrap buyers are ready to purchase your obsolete air conditioners at competitive prices. Understanding where to sell and how much you can get for different types of air conditioners can significantly enhance your returns.

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Contacting AC Scrap Buyers Near You

Finding reliable AC scrap buyers near you is crucial for negotiating a fair price and ensuring a smooth transaction. You can easily contact AC scrap buyers in Noida NCR through their contact number: +91 9711963469. This number connects you with trustworthy buyers who can provide a price list and arrange for the pick-up of your old air conditioners.

Price List for Different Types of Air Conditioners

The price you receive for your AC scrap depends on the type and material of the air conditioner. Below is a detailed price list for different types of air conditioners:

Please note that prices for inverter ACs are subjective and may vary based on specific conditions and market demand.

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Why Sell Your AC Scrap Online?

Selling your old AC scrap online offers several benefits, such as convenience, transparency, and immediate cash payments. Online platforms connect you with a network of buyers who are willing to pay competitive prices for your scrap. Additionally, you can compare different offers and choose the best deal without leaving your home.


If you are looking to sell your old or used air conditioners in Noida NCR, it is essential to understand the current market prices and contact reliable scrap buyers. By doing so, you can ensure a seamless selling process and maximize your returns on the outdated air conditioners. For more information or to get a quote, feel free to reach out to local AC scrap buyers at +91 9711963469.