AC Scrap Buyers In Greater Noida Uttar Pradesh, Are you looking to sell your old, used, or second-hand air conditioners for scrap in Greater Noida? Whether you have a window or split AC, knowing where and how to sell it can make the process much smoother. This guide aims to provide you with all the necessary information, including contact details, nearby shops, and an updated price list.

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Contacting AC Scrap Buyers Near You

Finding reliable AC scrap buyers near you is crucial for getting the best deal. In Greater Noida, you can easily contact local buyers at +91 9711963469 to get a quote or arrange for a pickup. Ensuring a seamless experience, these buyers are well-versed in handling various types of air conditioners, whether they are window units, split units, or inverter models.

Price List for Different Types of ACs

Understanding the current market prices for AC scrap is essential for getting the best value. Here is an updated price list for different types of air conditioners:

These prices are competitive and provide a good return on your old air conditioning units.

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Factors Affecting Inverter AC Prices

Inverter AC prices tend to be more subjective compared to traditional window or split units. This is due to various factors such as energy efficiency, brand, and the condition of the AC. Therefore, it’s advisable to get a personalized quote from the scrap buyers to determine the exact value of your inverter AC.


Selling your old air conditioner scrap in Greater Noida doesn’t have to be a complicated process. By contacting local buyers at +91 9711963469, you can get a competitive price and convenient service. Keep this guide handy to ensure you get the best value for your old AC units.