AC Scrap Buyers In Delhi NCR, If you are looking to sell your old, used, or second-hand air conditioners in Delhi NCR, this guide is for you. AC scrap buyers in the region offer competitive prices for different types and sizes of air conditioners. Below, we provide detailed information on how you can easily sell your AC scrap online, contact nearby buyers, and understand the prevailing market rates.

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How to Sell Your AC Scrap Online

Selling your air conditioner scrap online is straightforward. Many AC scrap buyers in Delhi NCR have simplified the process. You can contact them through their provided numbers, such as +91 9711963469, and get a quote and arrange for a pickup. This method saves you the hassle of transporting heavy AC units to scrap shops, making it a convenient option for many sellers.

Contacting AC Scrap Buyers Near Me

Finding AC scrap buyers near you is crucial for getting a quick and efficient service. The best way to locate nearby buyers is through online directories or local listings. You can also use search terms like ‘AC scrap buyers near me’ to find contact numbers and addresses. One reliable contact number is +91 9711963469. Once you get in touch, you can discuss the details and get a price list for different types of ACs.

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Understanding the AC Scrap Price List

The price of AC scrap varies depending on the type and tonnage of the unit. Here is a detailed price list for various air conditioners:

1 Ton Aluminium Window or Split AC: ₹2200

1 Ton Copper Window or Split AC: ₹3500

1.5 Ton Aluminium Window or Split AC: ₹4000

1.5 Ton Copper Window or Split AC: ₹5200

2 Ton Aluminium Window or Split AC: ₹5200

2 Ton Copper Window or Split AC: ₹6200

It is important to note that the prices for inverter ACs are subjective and may vary based on the condition and make of the unit.


Selling your old or used air conditioners in Delhi NCR is a convenient way to dispose of unwanted units while earning a fair amount. By contacting reliable AC scrap buyers and understanding the market prices, you can ensure a smooth transaction. Remember, for any inquiries, you can reach out to the buyers at +91 9711963469 and get started with the process.