1.5 Ton Window AC Scrap Price In India: and Get Best Price Online Understanding the market prices for

AC scrap in India is crucial for anyone looking to sell their old units. The value of air conditioner scrap

varies significantly based on the type and material of the unit. Specifically, the prices for window and split

AC units differ according to their tonnage and whether they are made of aluminium or copper.

For a 1-ton window or split AC unit, the scrap price for aluminium is approximately 2200 INR per piece. In

contrast, if the unit is made of copper, it can fetch around 3200 INR per piece. This substantial difference

highlights the higher market value of copper compared to aluminium, which is a less expensive material.

When it comes to 1.5-ton AC units, the price disparity remains evident. An aluminium 1.5-ton AC scrap is

valued at around 4200 INR, whereas its copper counterpart is priced at about 5200 INR. This price

difference again underscores the premium that copper commands in the scrap market.

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The trend continues for 2-ton AC units as well. An aluminium 2-ton AC scrap is typically priced at around

5200 INR, whereas a copper 2-ton AC scrap can go up to 6200 INR. The higher price for copper reflects its

superior conductivity and durability, which make it more valuable in the recycling market.

These detailed pricing insights are essential for anyone looking to sell their old AC units. Understanding

the value of different materials and types of air conditioners can significantly impact the selling decision.

For instance, knowing that a copper 1-ton AC unit is worth 3200 INR compared to 2200 INR for an aluminium unit can help sellers negotiate better deals. Similarly, being aware of the price differences for 1.5-ton and 2-ton units can guide sellers in setting realistic expectations and obtaining fair value for their scrap air conditioners.

Overall, having a clear understanding of AC scrap prices in India enables sellers to make informed decisions and maximize the return on their old air conditioning units.

When it comes to selling your old window and split air conditioner scrap in India, there are several avenues you can explore to ensure a smooth and profitable transaction. A key starting point is locating reputable AC scrap dealers in your vicinity. You can find these dealers through local directories, classified ads, or by conducting a quick online search. Contacting a local dealer, such as the one available at +91 9711963469, can provide you with immediate assistance and valuable insights into the selling process.

Moreover, online platforms offer a convenient alternative for selling your old AC units. Websites such as OLX, Quikr, and Facebook Marketplace allow you to list your AC scrap, reaching a wider audience. When creating your listing, be sure to include clear photographs, detailed descriptions, and an honest assessment of the unit’s condition to attract potential buyers. Online transactions often provide the added benefit of competitive bidding, which can help you secure a better price for your scrap.

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Preparation is crucial when selling your AC scrap. Ensure that the unit is clean and free from any hazardous materials. Disconnect the AC properly, preserving any valuable components that might increase its resale value. During the selling process, be transparent about the condition of the unit to avoid disputes and ensure a smooth transaction. If possible, obtain a written quote from the dealer or buyer to formalize the agreement and safeguard your interests.

To get the best price for your old AC scrap, it is essential to compare offers from multiple dealers. Do not hesitate to negotiate, as prices can vary significantly based on the condition and model of the unit. Additionally, always verify the credibility of the dealer or buyer to avoid scams. Reputable dealers are likely to offer fair prices and provide a hassle-free selling experience.

In conclusion, selling your old window and split AC scrap in India requires a strategic approach. By exploring both local and online options, preparing your unit adequately, and dealing with reputable dealers, you can maximize your returns and ensure a smooth transaction.